Friday, December 16, 2011

My results from visiting Dr. P at SB&J yesterday....

My appt was at 9:15.  I signed in at 9:10, I'm not arriving any sooner 'cause they aren't on-time so why should I be?!  And the wait began....

The wait, well let's just say I got about 2 hours of work done in the waiting room.  Then I was called back into the room, and opened my lap top to begin my wait (again!) and in walks Dr. P.  My jaw almost hit the floor; one, because he was fast, and two, because he was GORGEOUS!

He started asking questions, I answered, he immediately found my bad right knee (not what I was there for, but he was so concerned because he couldn't figure out what was holding the knee together, laugh), then he was kind and didn't probe on my neck (thank you Dr. P!) and ordered an MRI for next Thursday on both the neck and knee.  NO RUNNING and NO STANDING ON YOUR HEAD IN THOSE YOGA POSITIONS he said, not until we see the MRI.  I laughed, told him not to worry about standing on my head, I can't do that anyway.  He smiled, I know I was drooling!

He told me I could do the stationary bike, rowing machine, and try some weights, and yoga, but no pushing though any discomfort.  (You push through the discomfort in yoga, but not the pain, so now I'm suppose to reach the discomfort and stop, ok, I'll try that....)  I laughed, I told him I couldn't do weights 'cause they hurt my hands/arms from the arthritis and fibro.  He said I was too young for all that, I agreed and asked him if he'd like to speak to my rheumatologist?  He said seriously, I said as a heart attack.  He backed off, and it's a good thing he did, I'm touchy about that.  I may look healthy on the outside, but live in my body one day and you'd take almost drastic measures to end the pain!

I was getting ready to turn on the charm when he rolled his chair back and said, you didn't come in here for this, but let me help you.  I know runners carb load, so stop carb loading.  I said, I have not loaded since the wreck, no need in it, no running, no need for the energy.  He said no carbs then, it will help you pull off the weight while you're sedentary, exercise doesn't make you lose weight.  Ok, I know that statement should've sent me running the other way, but dang he was cute and I needed that MRI on my neck 'cause I need to run again, I just laughed, because if he knew how much weight I had lost because of exercise, he'd change his mind. And I have to remember, different strokes for different folks and this folk believes in exercise!

Anyway, back to the charm, he said, I eat no carbs during the week but on Sunday I eat whatever I want with my kids.  GOD!  He had to bring kids into the equation.  No charm for him!  And I was so hoping....

Then like that, he was gone and I was on my way downstairs to set up the MRI appt.

One day, one day, maybe, I'll find that someone I can turn on the charm for and it will work...laugh.

Until Thursday though, I have to continue to deal with the neck pain and constant headache...say a prayer for me, it's taxing - mentally and physically.  I'm really exhausted from hurting 24/7.

Merry Christmas!

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