Friday, August 26, 2011

I got this...

Why is it when we get in trouble, need emotional or physical help, that we, as humans, automatically assume we can handle the issue/problem without any help?

No lengthy post, just a question. We often realize too late that we need someone or multiple someones to help us through the storm.

One of my favorite songs I sing in church a lot, "Praise you in this storm" by Casting Crown, is my motto.

You never know what storm a person is going through, so say a prayer for those you know, and don't know, as God knows all about it.

In prayer...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A little devil all wrapped up in kitty form

Since this little kitten, inappropriately named Dew Drop, has come into our life, she has turned our house upside down.

She chases the dogs, WHAT! She attacks our feet when we least expect it! She wakes us at all hours of the night playing with our feet which we happen to reposition, or finds something that interest her and decides attack is necessary! And yet we tolerate her. We even LOVE her! Yes, love something so honary that she deserves a spanking at every turn.

She has decided that when we eat, she is to eat, too. She gets in an empty chair, puts her front paws on the table and waits very impatiently for something to eat. We've took the paper to her; removed her from the chair; spritzed her with water; nothing fazes her, absolutely nothing! She will fight back at whatever we use to deter her.

She's amazing! She found us, we didn't go looking for her.

She reminds me of Jesus, not that I'm calling Jesus a cat! We, as humans, go kicking and screaming in our own direction and all the while Jesus tries to deter us. Stop us from making mistakes and yet we go head-long into trouble. He comes looking for us, when we should be looking for Him!

One day the dogs will turn on Dew Drop. One day she will really get a spanking she'll never forget and she'll never come close to the table (with us in the room). One day we'll accidentally step on her and hurt her, and she'll never attack our feet/legs again. One day she will learn her place in the house - preferably on the couch or a bed, purring and allowing us to love on her (hahahaha!).

When will we, as God's family, learn our place is beside Jesus? When will we learn to see the signs and avoid the pitfalls ahead of us? When will we do as God says, 2 Chronicles 7:14?

While we wait patiently for Dew Drop to learn her lessons and grow up, as we know she will, how long will we make Jesus wait on us?

Just a thought to ponder....

Friday, August 12, 2011

My yoga practice...

I've seriously let myself down in that I haven't stopped to make time to do my yoga.

I spend my day in a whirlwind trying to please everyone, do for everyone and by the time 9PM arrives, it's bedtime for me and I'm out of hours to do anything for me.

Somewhere, somehow this has to change. I run, walk right now, at lunch because I can't find time to do it after work due to home obligations. How do others fit it in? I barely make it up in time to get to work at 8AM, sometimes I don't get in until 8:15AM and my co-workers are very understanding, the meds I take for all my ills just knocks me out and it's so hard to get started at 6AM.

So where, how? I only need about an hour, or less depending on how the body is feeling, to just decompress, get my yoga on, as my sister says, smile. Maybe a yoga class at lunch, I can rearrange my running days, I'll have to look into it. Either way, I have to get back my yoga and the inner peace I find there.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Ok, after I was rear-ended last Tuesday, it dawned on me that if I had been in a very bad car wreck or some other ill fated injury, no one would know anything about it, other than my family, and co-workers eventually.

My friends would have no idea! Therefore, I came up with this idea of compiling a list of friends with their phone numbers and putting that list in a safe place where my sister would know where it was and could start a call list.

I don't want to be one of those people who die and people don't find out about it until weeks, months, even years later. Nor do I want people to find out about it on facebook! Never has this bothered me in the past, but for some reason it really has been weighing on my mind, really heavy and I'm not sure why.

I'm trying not to let it bother me, but for some reason it does. And in the past, I could care less if/when someone found out about an unfortunate event in my life. Maybe the caring comes with age, or the change is within me, I'll never know.

Instead of racking the brain about it, I'm going to read my 'Yoga at home beyond the basics' while I have 28 minutes left of my lunch break.