Friday, August 12, 2011

My yoga practice...

I've seriously let myself down in that I haven't stopped to make time to do my yoga.

I spend my day in a whirlwind trying to please everyone, do for everyone and by the time 9PM arrives, it's bedtime for me and I'm out of hours to do anything for me.

Somewhere, somehow this has to change. I run, walk right now, at lunch because I can't find time to do it after work due to home obligations. How do others fit it in? I barely make it up in time to get to work at 8AM, sometimes I don't get in until 8:15AM and my co-workers are very understanding, the meds I take for all my ills just knocks me out and it's so hard to get started at 6AM.

So where, how? I only need about an hour, or less depending on how the body is feeling, to just decompress, get my yoga on, as my sister says, smile. Maybe a yoga class at lunch, I can rearrange my running days, I'll have to look into it. Either way, I have to get back my yoga and the inner peace I find there.


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