Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Angry rib-head...

This is a story about my rib-head, so enjoy....

Saturday we all load up and go to Tylertown for our annual July 4th family get together at my uncle's house, and to introduce Lily to all the family.

I'm in the house helping get the food on the tables and my mom yells "Your Aunt Dee and Uncle Milton are here and they have something for you." I wash my hands and head outside thinking my aunt had made some wonderful dish (she's Filipino, and can cook a brick-bat), and as I rounded the house, there it was, a chicken carrier with a chicken in it. My Uncle proudly pulls out this beautiful white, black-tipped Japanese bantam rooster. He was a beauty! I give hugs and ask how much I owe him and they say nothing it's your birthday present. Now I'm really excited! I move him out of the carrier and put him in one of my uncle's little pens out behind his barn and feed and water him. He's good until we leave!

After all the fellowship, food and fish lies, we pack up and I almost forget my rooster. I go running around back and get him out of the pen and put him back in the carrier.

Needless to say, I think this was his first time in a carrier because he didn't know how to stand up in it, so I took him out and held him on top of the carrier all the way home (60 miles). He was a happy little camper and slept most of the way home. He'd had a long day and was tired, no doubt, as were we.

I get him home, but him in his new run and he makes all the rosters start crowing. Mind you, he doesn't even have his crow yet. He's only 4/5 months old, he'll start crowing soon enough I suspect.

At dusk, I go get him a girl and put her in with him, so he's not alone. Chickens are flock animals, they don't like to be alone, just in case you were wondering.

Then Sunday morning, I get up, go feed/water, and he's as happy as can be. He's still not sure about the hen in the run with him, but he'll learn - trust me!

I go inside, very proud of him. I take my shower and get ready for church. As I bend over to reach for my church clothes, I hear something pop and I can't move!

I scream for Michelle and she tries to work it out, but it's no use. She never learned how to put rib-heads back in while she worked with Dr. Rapetti (God rest his soul!). She does her best, and I'm able to stand up, but I end up going to church with fioricet and flexiril and an ice pack.

I spend the rest of the weekend nursing the back. Unable to run, unable to do anything but sit up straight, or lay flat.

Turns out me holding the rooster all the way home was what pulled the rib-head out. I was in such a strain and didn't know it.

Now I have to find a chiropractor to put it back in so I can get back to running! TODAY!

Oh, btw, I named my rooster, Gemmi, cause I'm a Gemini and that was as unique as I could get. Laugh!

Until next time....


  1. Ok, rib-head fixed. And my new chiropractor is nice, and good! I told him I was a runner and he adjusted me in a way Dr. Rapetti never did and God it felt soooo freakin' good. He told me, every few weeks, come back in and I'll fix your hips, 'cause runners put too much pressure on them and it's not natural, and being sore makes your body do weird things and you end up throwing something out.

    So I come back to the office and do some more research on him. Darn dude works with athletes. He will even design sessions around what your sport is in order to keep your body functioning properly. Woohoo!

    And did I mention he was nice, and he laughed at how I hurt myself. Said he didn't know anyone who would ever admit to holding a chicken for 60 miles and causing their rib-head to come out. He just laughed at me. And I laughed at him cause I could finally laugh without hurting!

    And therein wraps up the case of the 'angry rib-head'....

  2. Oh, Gemmie got his crow this morning! It's soo darn cute!