Friday, July 15, 2011

Another fall...

Ok, so no one in my family has never, ever called me Grace, for one reason, I'm constantly falling.

Yesterday, I go feed/water the chickens and notice one of my hen has 11 eggs and she isn't sitting on them, so I go gather the eggs (in my shirt), go get some hay and as I'm ducking to enter the pen to put them in a nest, bam, it happens, I trip and I had two choices (1) drop the eggs and catch myself, or (2) hit the ground and save the eggs. I, of course, saved the eggs, and planted my left knee in the ground. I was thankful for two things, (1) the ground was soft from all the rain (thank you God!), and (2) it was on the 'good' knee, which might not be so good if I keep falling on it!

I go gather up my two brooding hens who will sit anytime of the day, month, year, and put them on the eggs and to let them decide who's going to be the momma. Wouldn't you know it, neither one of them want the freakin' eggs! Now what kind of brooding hens are they? Usually they fight over a nest of eggs, but nope, not yesterday and not this morning. So I let them out of the pen and I'm hoping beyond hope, one will decide she'd like to be momma and when I get home she'll be sitting. We'll see! If there are no takers, I'm afraid I'll have to disgard them, and I hate to do that because they belong to Chester, my gorgeous Americauna.

I just don't have the time to incubate them, so....

I do have one more brooding hen, my game hen, Topper (named that only because she's a blue top game hen - and I couldn't think of anything else at the time, grin). Only problem is, I can't just pick Top up and put her in the nest, she'll eat me alive, remember, game hen, they aren't nice chickens, AT ALL! So, maybe I'll wait until she goes to roost and I'll go get her and put her on top of the eggs, maybe that'll work. I just hate to put her over them because I have to fight her to get my hands on them to tame them down, urgh.

Anyway, maybe Angel or Muffy will decide they really want to be the momma and go sit.

Until next time....

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  1. It didn't work! None of my brooding hens took to the eggs, so I had to discard them. Oh how I hated to do that, knowing Chester was the daddy. Oh well, once it cools off, I'll save me some and when one of them decides to set, I'll put Chester's eggs under her. Laugh!