Thursday, January 19, 2012

Elliptical hell....

Yesterday, Celine and I went to the gym.  She had been wanting to go for a few weeks and with my sick family, I'd been unable to accommodate her.  At lunch, we set out and I showed her around the Payne Center, changed, and made our way up to the work-out room.

It was a decision between the bike and the elliptical machine.  I decided to give the elliptical a try (again), so I showed Celine how to get going and away we went for 15 mins (plus the 3 min cool-down).  I made sure I wasn't jarring my neck, my shoulders weren't camping out on my ears and my ears weren't camping out on under my eye-balls.  I was only able to do the arms back and forth for about 7 mins then I had to hold onto the stationary bars and just do the legs.  The left arm motion was starting to make my neck hurt.

When we finished, we made our rounds to the wisteria room and showed her how things worked and promised to be her coach on a round, as I can't do the weight machines for now.  Then down to shower and back to work.

I felt pretty good.  My legs were sore, but of course that was natural since I hadn't really used any of those muscles in anything other than yoga.  Around 3PM I noticed my neck was killing me, and I was so sleepy, I was having a hard time staying awake.  I had planned on staying for a while to catch up on some work, but I was hurting to bad and so sleepy.  The drive home was scary.  It was as if my neck was causing me to need to sleep.  I finally made it home, ate a baked potato because I couldn't do anything else, took some meds, and literally laid down on the floor.  I just couldn't go another step.  I finally got up about 30 mins later, and set down in the recliner, turned on the tv (7PM) and the next thing I knew my momma said "sister why don't you go to bed?" I looked at the time, 8:30PM, I'd slept for an hour and a half.  I told her no, I needed to stay awake to take the dogs out at 9PM for their nightly constitutionals.  I fought sleep for the next 30 mins.  I finally took the dogs out, changed and went to bed.  I slept all night.  I didn't move from the spot I went to sleep in!

My neck is SORE this morning, but the body is fine.  I'm not sure if the exercise caused the sleepiness, or the hurting neck.  I've never had that happen after exercise nor after my neck starts hurting, so I'm not sure what the deal was (is).

Nevertheless, I'm hoping it was a fluke and I was just tired from last week, as I plan on trying another 15 mins on the elliptical tomorrow, as I have yoga tonight, need to save the legs.  If it does it again, I'm calling my neck doc to see what is going on!

Until tomorrow or Monday, whenever I get back to this blog...have a blessed day.

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