Monday, November 7, 2011

The day after migraine outing....

Ok, so those of us who have migraines know there are three things that trigger them (1) food, (2) stress, and (3) hormone fluctuations.  I had been fighting at migraine all week last week, and after Tuesday night yoga, I thought I had dodged the bullet.  Wednesday, no headache.  Then Thursday, bam, right in the forehead, and it got worse as the day progressed, so I ended up leaving work around 3PM and spent all day Friday in bed.  

Now, those of us with migraines, also know that most of us get fair warning when we are about to have them.  For me, it's the smell of smoke from burning leaves, don't ask me why 'cause I do not know! All last week, that's all I smelled, and Saturday the smell left, but promptly returned Sunday, and so yet again I'm smelling burning leaves and have a nagging headache.

Most of us with migraines, also know that food - the site, the smell, is nauseating, so most of us don't eat while we are migraining (my new word!).  So Saturday, when I woke up with no migraine, no burning leaves, I decided to go with my family to see my sister and brother-in-law on the coast.  Needless to say, I had two days forth of eating to catch up on, so when we went to lunch, Logan's by the way, I had a plate full of food and ate every bit of it, plus about 4 rolls.  Then we shopped 'til my mother was about to drop, and we stopped for ice cream.  I had the lady give me a double scoop of sherbet on a waffle cone - darn skippy!  

My brother-in-law has never seen me eat as much as I did Saturday, and was so infatuated with the fact I could put so much food away, that every time I looked up, he was videoing or taking a picture of me eating.  ROFLMBO!

Needless to say, by the end of the day I was dealing with carb and sugar overload, and my body wasn't happy AT ALL!  And I'll admit, I felt GUILTY, but after a day and a half without eating much, if anything, I was going into starvation mode - or so that was my excuse.

I'm not sure why I am still smelling burning leaves, other than the stress is still sitting on my shoulders, so I'm off to see the chiropractor, to let him undo the stress and my goal for the week, to not let anything get to me.  I can't handle migraines anymore.  The older I get, the worse they become, if that is even possible.

This weeks mantra: "I will not stress and I will not get a migraine!"

Peace out....

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