Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yoga resumes...

My yoga practice has resumed, thank you God!  My first evening back at The Yoga Room was exhilarating.  I sweat like I was in a hot yoga class, my body shook when holding poses longer than a few breathes and I was consistently reminded to 'breath'.  I was also reminded that breathing keeps me present, in the room, on the mat, and doesn't allow my mind to wonder, as my mind is a wondering june bug when I do anything that involves 'silence' on my part.

I know the definition of a guru, and I know the fundamentals of having one - I've read all the books and while I view Tammy as 'my guru' I only practice the physical fundamentals of yoga. And while others may have problems with my way of practicing yoga, Tammy seems to be fine with it and that makes me a follower of hers.

Tammy is a very calm, very reassuring person.  With her background in medicine,  she is very aware of injuries and how they effect different people; therefore, if she knows your history, she will taylor the class to help with your aliments.

Yesterday evening, I was lucky.  I happened into a class of only 4 other students, which meant Tammy could taylor and spend extra time with us as we needed.  When class started, she was pleasantly surprised, I think, to find that I had not forgotten what she had taught me months and months ago.  She helped correct a few poses and when we started on the neck, she was there like a guru should be with her pupil.  She fixed my back shoulder blades, helped me get the arch up in my back (which I am currently unable to do due to a pinched neve back there), and reminded me to lift my chin and push down btwn my ears.  Ahhhh, sweet release!  

As I was leaving, Tammy smiled and said "Epsom salt".  Hmmm, I knew what that meant, without a doubt - I'd be sore in the morning.  I thanked her and started home.  All the way there, I could feel my body starting its 'engine'.  What had been lying dormant was waking up!  By the time I arrived home, I was ready to run a marathon (my dream anyway!).  I fed me, fed the dogs, and jumped in the bath with eucalyptus and sea salt, and enjoyed the feeling.

Bed time, bed time for me isn't easy. I take a handful of prescription meds and still find it hard to sleep and once I get there, if I'm awaken, I'm awake for a few hours, at least.

My poor, poor Maebelle (my 4 year old chihuahua, who takes bladder meds 2x day), she tried for what seemed like forever to get me up with whining, nudging.  I could hear and feel her but it all seemed like a dream and I was going with it, then, BAM, right in the mouth, something wet and fast!  Maebelle, she was licking me!  She had to go out and I wasn't waking up, so she resorted to the lick factor.  IT WORKED!  I sat up in bed and looked over at her and if dogs could cross their legs, hers would've been crossed.  I grabbed her and rushed out the door, afraid she'd stop and tee tee if her feet ever hit the floor.  She was sooo happy, her eyes stopped  I put her back in the bed and thought, well I'm up until 2 or 3.  I tucked her back in, pulled the cover over me, adjusted my pillow and sighed, that was the last thing I remembered until I was awaken by the family.  I'd slept through my alarm!  AHHHHHHHH, not good.

As I started to get up, I fully expected to be so sore that I'd have to call in late.  But wait, I stretched, and yes, soreness was there, but not painful.  I stood up, walked around the bed, and nothing but soreness.  Woohoo!  I fed the chickens, fed the dogs, got my gym bag ready, filled up my water bottle, and out the door I went.  Fully expecting at any minute for there to be a catch in the neck, back, somewhere, but nothing.

I went to see my chiropractor, Dr. H., this was the real test, but everything was right were he'd left it Monday.  I wanted to do a glory jig!

My body still feels like it's on a high, but a natural high.  Today is walk day, tomorrow is yoga day, I don't know how long my body will let me stay in this routine, but I'll stay until I can't stay any longer.

God has a way of putting people in our paths to help us get well.  If only we could see that!  Thank you God for Tammy and Dr. H!


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