Thursday, January 20, 2011's been a long time....

since I've spilled the beans (and peas) on what is going on with me.  Hmmm, where to start?!

Nothing much has changed, I'm trying to remember (1) not everyone in this world is bad (just a good majority), (2) life goes on, without us if we aren't careful, (3) yada, yada, yada....

Enough of that is busy, family members need prayer, especially my aunt and 2nd cousin, my body is getting worse with no end in site, and I just keep plugging along every day.

Changes at work happen by the dozen these days, and I'm realizing that I'm truly getting old, working with 20 year olds.  My question, when did this happen, me getting older.  Ahhhh!   I don't like it.

Well, that should give you guys something to read, I'll try to update more frequently. (Yeah right, too busy!)

See you on the back side....

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  1. Hey, you're not getting older - they're just getting younger! I personally have decided I like being 28 so I celebrate the anniversay of my 28th birthday each year! So far I've celebrated it 23 times (beside the original one that is!)
    Good to "see" you back!