Monday, February 21, 2011

Caking news....

As pretty as it was this past weekend, I spent all of it inside.  :-(

My brother's step-daughter is turning 16 this Friday, with a party Saturday, and he asked me to do her cake.  Being the sweet sister that I am, I agreed. 

Saturday, I made 2-10" round cakes and 2-6" round cakes.  Then spent a few hours at his place eating the burgers he grilled...yummy.  

Sunday, I went to church; then made 2 more 6" round cakes - gluten free, for his wife (I'm really not sure why she can't make her own, but when I ask questions like that, I get in trouble with the family, so I keep my mouth shut and do it!); 4 double batches of icing; washed and put up 3 loads of clothes; and managed to watch bits and pieces of Unstoppable and Predator in between all of that.

Needless to say, I am hurting from the top of my head to the end of my toes.  My fingers feel like they are 10xs their normal size and I can barely move them.  My knees feel like I have been standing on concrete for 12 hours straight - bare-footed - close enough, I was in my house-shoes, wrong thing to do, but I hated to wear my shoes....

After work, I have to make a batch of royal icing for piping work I'll do on the cake.  Then I get to practice air-brushing on an extra 6" round I made Saturday.

I even went so far is to have a friend of mine in the UK mail me a set (large & small) of Ann Pickard's funky flower cutters.  Actually, I've been wanting a set since she went to market with them and just couldn't justify the cost, but now...maybe I shouldn't have, but I did, so it's done...grin.

This cake should be just what a 16 year old would like, but one never knows, as my vision is different from theirs but I'm doing this cake labor fee (he only had to buy the ingredients), so I get to do what I want, to some extent any way.

We'll see how it goes.  Cross your fingers....

I'll update next Monday.

Until then happy caking....

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