Monday, January 11, 2010

Watch out, those Wiis are dangerous....

This weekend was one of those that you do everything in the world possible to keep from dealing with whatever demons I was running from, so I baked and decorated a cake for my sister's late birthday celebration, and I finally gave in and went down to my brother's and played Wii with him and my sister.

At first it was kind of funky, but then I got the hang of it and got over zealous and landed my butty in the floor.  My brother and sister were laughing, so hard at me they decided it would be really funny if all of us were in the floor, so they piled up on me.

Dear God in Heaven!  I was in so much pain.  I mean I slammed into the floor with my knee and kept rolling until I was on my back.  I had to make sure nothing was broken, I was safe, but barely.  My knee is still sore (hurting, I can't kneel on it) and my arms feel like someone has spent all weekend pulling them.  That's what I get for playing for 3-4 hours on something I had no business on.  I'm too old for that, I need the Wii Fit, so I can get strong enough to play the thing. 

I did my age based on it, after the hours of playing, and I'm officially 68, according to Wii.  Laugh, that's about the way I felt after playing it, suspicious eh?

Anyway, I'm still running and not dealing with what's persuing me...I suppose that's one way to keep me running, smile.

Until next time, be careful if you play on a Wii....

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