Monday, February 13, 2012

Jess this one's for you...

I woke this morning to below freezing temps.  And as I was getting ready to feed the chickens, I heard something pelting off of the tin.  DANG it was sleet!  Really?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  Jess I completely blame you for this 'inclement' weather. ROFLMBO! I braved the sleet with an umbrella in one hand and a feed bucket in the other.  Really, my right hand was froze by the time I had fed all the chickens.  It's snowy, sleety, and rainy days I think about selling ALL my chickens, then I remember their wonderful eggs and just can't do it.

Nick posted the radar on facebook this morning, and I think we are dodging the bullet, but everyone from Jackson, NE are getting sleet and snow.  And we are warming up, so no snow for us.  You gotta get up really early Jess to send it this far south, grin.

I'm praying you guys warm up, so you'll stop projecting weather our way, laugh.

I miss you and praying the weather warms up so you guys will have a wonderful time at The Abbey.  At least students will have a different story to tell than the previous classes.

Oh, I can't remember how to do my scarf like you do.  I just have absolutely no memory.  You think you can manage to put the direction on FB via video for all to have?  Maybe a demo of how to do you scarf the way Melissa likes it done?  Smile.

Love and miss you Jess!


  1. Thanks Meli!! How about I record myself tomorrow and put it up for you AND Maggie Williams, I promised her a video of it too and just haven't gotten around to it!