Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Uneventful TS Lee Memoir

Day 1: 2 September 2011, The coast is warned of a TS making its way inland, so everyone on the coastlines are making preparations. This will not be another Katrina, but flooding and high winds are on the menu. Oh, let me mention here that my mother decides to go ahead with her foot surgery, as it is a three day weekend for my sister and I - Labor Day, remember those two words.

Day 2: 3 September 2011, TS Lee graces us with his presences, rain bands, high winds, nothing we don't usually see with a thunderstorm, so no biggy. This is until the wind direction begins to change and the rain bands become more intense. The way the trees are bending have me serious frightened - gun shy from Katrina I suppose. My sister and I team up and cook for the day 'cause there's nothing else we can do, but go outside and get wet - not an option. We do laundry, and nap...yeah baby, naps are always on the menu at our house.

Day 3: 4 September 2011, Tornado warnings out the waahoo! Geez, Lee could've been nice and just been a rain dumper, after all, we seriously needed the rain. All my trees and plants think they have died and gone to heaven! Delirium is setting in for me and my sister. Cooking and cooking and more cooking 'cause mother couldn't get on her foot, remember foot surgery. When we aren't cooking/cleaning/doing laundry, we are napping - what else can one do during a rain event? Oh, Jim Cantore made his way down to Biloxi to witness a squall line come in. Now you tell me how many squall lines has this man seen? They all look and act the same, so why waste the time/gas to even make the trip? We could've sent him footage! (I love Jim Cantore, but it seriously bothers me when he shows up doing a weather event.)

Day 4: 5 September 2011, Lee has been downgraded to a extra-tropical depression which the Weather Channel will no longer cover, so we're in the clear, or so we will be by 4PM. Breakfast and dinner was on us - we cooked, but lunch, it was every man for themselves, except for momma, we got her what she wanted.

Day 5: 6 September 2011, The sun is shining, my sister and I spent our Labor Day laboring over our mother. Thus far, she's been a good patient,much like TS Lee was a good TS, not too much damage (for the most part,if one considers what happened 6 years ago around this time). My sister and I are back at work for some rest, before we head back home for cooking, cleaning, laundry, and what ever else Momma can find for us to do.

Side note: The chickens loved the weather - it was a worm fest at my house. I'll have to go purchase worms now to go fishing, as they cleaned us out, of that I'm sure!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 3 day break and received some much needed rain!

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